What Makes a Good Consultant?

A good Consultant:
  • Focuses on the proposed course content and assesses it for relevancy, appropriateness and rigor.

  • Gives constructive feedback to the Writer, offers additional or alternative resources and freely shares his/her professional perspective.

  • Looks at all the proposed resources (videos, journal articles, etc.) but is not expected to watch or read them all cover to cover. If an item were to raise concern, the Consultant would report that to the team and may suggest an alternative.

  • Does not concern him/herself with editing or rewriting large amounts of text.

  • Responds to email and other communications within 24 hours (on business days) or advises the team when he/she will reply.

  • Copies all team members on relevant email communications.

  • Clearly indicates recommended edits when he/she is finished a document, e.g. the blueprint, the assignments or modules).